linda_mah (linda_mah) wrote in hopeless_trash,

Hopeless gets a good band

The Wonder Years just signed to Hopeless.

They started out writing songs about turtles, ninjas, zombies, pirates, captain crunch, and Steve Erwin. now they are all srs bzns and sing about how they're not sad anymore. it's like musical Prozac, y'all. plus they got bored with writing songs, so they just threw the line "I'm not sad anymore" into like 5 different songs.

they also have a ton of references to food in their songs and the lead singer goes by the name Soupy (his last name is Campbell), clearly they are trying to tap into the Cobra Starship sif market.

the cover to their first LP is pretty much a textbook example of rule 43.

their interests include growing bizarre facial hair and writing shit on pieces of cardboard:

ok, we get it now, you wanted to do something creative but had like a $2 budget. maybe now that you have a legit label, you get get some actual artwork and not deviantart porno or some random dude holding another fucking cardboard sign.

tl;dw video about their signing:

snark aside, they are genuinely one of my favorite bands. so listen to this shit
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