vitalvessals (vitalvessals) wrote in hopeless_trash,

LOL have you noticed....?

Just realized this comm has slipped into relative obscurity & really holds no interest for anyone. Hell, it was July last time it was updated.

Made me think:

This is exactly like all the bands we talk about on here. lol I'm looking at you in particular, ATL.

Is it just me or have those guys also slipped into relative obscurity where no one has really heard from them in ages and you honestly didn't even notice. Such is the world of disposable pop, fellas. You were so hungry for mainstream success that you alienated those fans that were actually in it for something good. You were eaten up by the top 40 market & you loved it. Well now, you've been shit out & no one could care less. Hell, the only reason I even thought about them is they came up on shuffle on my iTunes.

lol life's a bitch, isn't it?

i'm done. give me a way to put off revising for my exams please
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